Peychaud Bitterscocktail recipie

The Peychaud's is one of the best selling bitters in the US market. The exact recipe is a highly secured secret! Peychaud's is the major ingredient of Sazerac® Cocktail and other classic cocktails.
Product Info
  • ABV : 35%
  • volume : 148ml
  • country of origin : U.S.A
  • case : 6 bottle


In 1793 a wealthy farm owner ran away from the San Domingo island, and had to sell his possessions. A lot of people came to Louisiana, New Orleans. There was a recipe for bitter, a liquid tonic, among the possessions of the Creole people. His name was Antoine Amedie Peychaud, and he was a pharmacist. This bitter showed it's helpfulness regardless of diseases, and he gave out bitter with bogny brandy to his friends and customers. Nowadays the Peychaud's Bitters are produced by the original recipe of the Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is the major key of Sazerac Cocktail and can also be used in many other classic cocktails such as Manhattan or Old-Fashioned.